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Seth Talk

Hello Seth/Jane Roberts friends, Lynda Dahl here:

I started Seth Talk in 2011. Subsequently, in early 2013, I published my fifth Seth-based book and eBook, Living a Safe Universe: A Book for Seth Readers, and much of it is based on what you'll find here. Meanwhile, I'm happy to say I've now published my eighth Seth-based book and eBook, and it's the fourth book in the series: Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 4: Seth and Psychic HealthSeth and Psychic Health.

This latest volume takes what was started in the previous Living... books to its ultimate conclusion: Learning to live in a clear and balanced moment point in simultaneous time, thereby creating a psychic platform of perfect trust and safety for the newly developing self. And it also focuses on the greater reality from which we all emerge, and which will highlight the role of our self in much more than 'simply' our current incarnation.

Also, I want you to know I'll be adding more segments here in Seth Talk that tie in with the major subjects that can help lead us to living a safe universe, as Seth tells us is not only possible, but supported.

Anyway, folks, my sincere thanks to all for perusing our site and sharing time with us. You are deeply appreciated and we're so happy you're here!

Hugs and best wishes!


Hi guys, for a clearer understanding of the purpose of Seth Talk, please peruse this text page before clicking on the links to the entries found in the indexs at right. I think you'll get far more out of the entries this way!

Welcome to Seth Talk, Friends...

I’m Lynda Madden Dahl, and I’m very excited about this SNI offering because it will be my project, one that matches my inner inclinations very closely. Ever since I started reading the Seth/Jane Roberts material in 1984, most of my focus has been on attempting to understand the practical implications of what Seth says, and then integrate it into my thinking as a given. Living a safe universe eventually became my overall goal.

Not an easy task, as you know, because the learning goes on...and on...and on. And as a by-product of my ongoing focus, I've gathered to me hundreds of pages from the Seth material on topical subjects, and further hundreds of pages of short quotes, that specifically clarify what Seth is saying or recommending or clearing up regarding the nature of reality, and how understanding it all can lead to living a safe universe.

Section One: Living a Safe Universe

What I'll be doing with section one of Seth Talk, then, is laying the foundation which I believe will lead us to living a safe universe, a composite picture of what Seth says about certain subjects that, taken as a whole, point us in that direction: subjects such as action (also called the vitality of All That Is, or the basis of creation), and the spacious present (the only time there is, and the only place where action happens), and significances (the true cause and effect, happening in the spacious present and brought about by action). Etcetera, etcetera. And the entries are meant to flow one into the next, in order to build that picture one step at a time.

So, to kick off Seth Talk, the first entry is a long one, because I want to give you some background about the purpose of Seth Talk and where it will eventually lead us. I hope Seth Talk's overview topic for section one, Living a Safe Universe, will prove to be an intriguing journey through the Seth material from a different perspective than reading the books one at a time from cover-to-cover allows, because the subjects that comprise the overview are gathered from all books and made into a whole.

Also, I’m sorry to say the pages of one or two-line quotes at the end of each entry (with two exceptions) will not be annotated. The reason is that in my private files, where all the quotes come from, I find that annotation of the type of Seth comments I normally select (one or two-liners) gets cumbersome and burdens the eye instead of clarifying the topic of the quotes.

Section Two: What Would Seth Say To Me Today?

Like many of you, I've been a constant reader of the Seth material for a long time, actually decades. I always have a book close by, and consider the material a daily part of my life. Years ago, pretty much out of desperation, I found myself wishing for much more personal contact with Seth's words in a way that would focus them down from the long quotes and deep treatment of subjects that had brought such overall understanding to me.

Almost from my introduction to Jane's work, I'd been taking Seth quotes along on long contemplative walks, reading them in Psy-Time, and even kept a stack handy in the car to think about while driving. Now I wanted more, I wanted to have Seth’s words directed to me in a way that not only would help clear my mind of a given problem or concern, but could be more easily integrated into my mind as my blueprint for moment-by-moment thinking. So I wrote at the top of a page, “What Would Seth Say To Me Today?”, then went into the books looking for mostly one-liners and other very short quotes that addressed my need of the moment. Over time I expanded the subject line to include specific topics I needed immediate help with, such as, “What Would Seth Say To Me Today About Trust?”

So, what I’ve decided to do is share some of these “What Would Seth Say....” papers with you in section two, and post new ones periodically. I’ll always announce them in my newsletters to our email list, so if you’re not on it and would like to get this advance notice, please do sign up.

You’ll see that some of the quotes will be in several entries over time, simply because they fit what I felt I needed to hear or reaffirm at that point in my reality. If you decide to use the papers like I do, then here’s what I’d suggest: Print the entries, and during your quiet times or before sleep, read what Seth is telling you personally. Maybe you’ll only read a couple of the quotes each time, because you want to think about what they mean to you. Or maybe you’ll cover a whole page of them at once, but whatever you do, be ready for the clarity and warmth and direction Seth brings to you in that moment. And enjoy the heck out of them!

Special Note Re: “What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Living in the Moment Point?”

All of Seth Talk is about learning to live a safe universe. Some of it is about refreshing our knowledge of consciousness and the nature of reality, because our knowledge is our first line of defense against buying so heavily into linear time/cause and effect. And some of it is about using Seth’s words to focus on today, on what he might say to us personally and privately today about who we really are, and the confidence that knowing brings to our days and minds. But "What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Living in the Moment Point?" has a different purpose, one that’s meant to follow after the refreshing of our knowledge and learning to focus Seth’s words on our daily reality. Now we go a crucial step further.

First, as we learned from Seth, the brain is part of camouflage physical reality. Ahh, but the mind...the mind is part of the spacious present. You know, the spacious present in which creation happens based on what the conscious mind thinks? Yes, our mind and its mental acts is our direct link to the selection of probabilities in the spacious present. And why is that so important to know? Well, here’s Seth to explain: “You must become consciously aware of what you tell yourself is true every moment of the day, for that is the reality that you project outward.” And, “Each mental act is a reality for which you are responsible.”

And when can we become consciously aware of what we think, what mental acts (thought, emotion, imaginings) we activate within the spacious present? Only during the moment point. And the importance of it all? To learn to trust our self and not be blindsided by unaware thoughts. And why? So we can live a safe universe.

So this kind of entry, "What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Living in the Moment Point?",is specifically geared toward using the moment point to become comfortable with the spacious present via the conscious mind, thereby allowing ourselves eventually to fully trust. Which allows us to live a safe universe.

Each line in each document is meant for contemplation, not quick reading. Always add the words “In the Moment Point” before each line item, and then stop and really think about what you’re saying to yourself and its implications. This is very important, because the ultimate purpose of this process is to change your mind so much that the influence of these statements becomes what is in your mind naturally and always, not just here and there during contemplative times. In other words, you want to drill the point home that EVERYTHING happens in the spacious present via your mind; and you want to do it until you no longer have to do it...you simply accept it. (Note: To make the moment point statements more personal, I've changed some words of the original Seth quotes, such as the word "the" to "you" or "your," to make it seem as though Seth is talking directly to you during this, your private time, with him.)

In essence, Seth Talk is about changing the way we think so that our mental acts line up with our knowledge and our desire to live a safe universe. And in order to do that, we must live our philosophy always...by what we always think.

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