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We think over time this will become one of our most active Seth Network pages, with a good number of listings and obvious interest focused here. Seth groups are the heart of the Sethian global community, and we welcome not only hearing about the activity worldwide but watching it grow. And, please, those of you wanting to start a Seth group in your hometown, your inquiry posts are most welcome here, too!
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Ready for more, more, more Seth? Then this category is where you'll find it! You'll enjoy the Seth/Jane Roberts based articles and blog entry subjects copied here - and do submit even more as you come across them.
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Sethian Speakers

New names and old will grace this page, folks who haven’t yet given their first Seth-based talk – or perhaps any talk at all – and those who are already well known on the speakers circuit. Seth workshop and conference producers, we urge you to introduce at minimum one new Seth/Jane Roberts speaker during your event. Give them the opportunity to debut in front of a friendly, supportive and appreciative audience, one with whom they can share their Seth-based knowledge and personal experience. One great benefit to you is that you will increase the solid, undiluted Sethian content of your workshop or conference, something most attendees covet and enjoy.
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Conferences, Workshops and Classes

If Seth groups are the heart of the global Sethian community, then Seth conferences, workshops & classes are its soul. They are where amazing connections are made, both with people and with the Jane Roberts/Seth material. Things happen in these venues that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. We at Seth Network will be actively helping these folks build attendance through the unique exposure we bring, and you can help, too, by making sure to pass on the SNI link to every Sethie you know.
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Seth-Friendly Businesses

Wouldn’t it be great to share commerce with other Seth/Jane Roberts readers? To buy from them or sell to them? To use their services and offer them yours? To eat in their restaurants and share brief conversations? Most of the folks listed in this category run mainstream or non-Seth specific businesses and are Sethies at heart. They’d love to hear from other black sheep of the universe from all over the world!
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Would you like to talk to Seth/Jane Roberts readers at more than just conferences? Seize the opportunity! Contact one of the groups listed in this category and see if they’re your cup of tea. Or as our British friends might say, cuppa.
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Seth-Influenced Media

Here's where we'll give a nod of appreciation to those Sethies who have written or produced books or other media that has been influenced by the Seth books, as well as books by Jane Roberts, and items such as video clips from YouTube. Some of what you'll see here will be written specifically to the Seth material, and some will be generally influenced by Seth, but aimed at a broader mainstream or spiritual market. Enjoy the creativity of our Sethian friends worldwide.
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Where else can you go to see what’s happening in the world of Seth? No further than the listings in this category! Enjoy your travels through these Seth-based sites. We think you’ll especially appreciate the creativity of each site’s offerings, and their unique way of approaching the Seth material.
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Hi Seth/Jane Roberts friends, Lynda Dahl here with a couple quick notes...

  • I'm pleased to say my eighth Seth-based book and its eBook are now published! It's called Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 4: Seth and Psychic Health. If interested, you can read nine book reviews by Seth readers as well as its Introduction chapter on Amazon. Just click on Look Inside when you get there. Also, do consider visiting me on Facebook, both on my personal Seth page  and my Living a Safe Universe Books Group (also Seth-based).
  • Our latest newsletter is now posted in Seth World News, guys! Lots of great items there. And if you'd like to be on our email list for upcoming newsletters, please enter your email information on the form below.
  • If you've been around the Seth material for any length of time, you probably know of long-time Sethie Norman Friedman and his book Bridging Science and Spirit, in which he explores common elements between David Bohm (one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century) and the Seth material. Fred Alan Wolf, who holds a doctorate in theoretical physics, wrote the foreword. I'm so happy to say that it's also now published as an eBook, and can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and in the iTunes iBook Store. Also, guys, Norm's second book, The Hidden Domain: Home of the Quantum Wave Function, Nature's Creative Source, is now also in eBook form at the same locations.

Thanks folks, and see you around the world of Seth, Jane and Rob!


Hello Seth/Jane Roberts Friends,

I’m Lynda Madden Dahl. In 1992 my life partner, Stan Ulkowski, and I formed the original Seth Network International in Eugene, Oregon. Its purpose was to bring global Seth and Jane Roberts/Rob Butts readers together to share insights and experiences, and to create new ones. When Stan died in 1999, I closed Seth Network and moved home to California.

But what a ride it had been! Over time - without Internet or email as they're known today, and with no obvious or easy way to identify Seth readers - we signed more than 1,000 members; subscribed several thousand people from 30 countries to our quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal; held 25 conferences (Rob was our guest at two of them, in Elmira, on his 78th and 80th birthdays); offered Seth workshops around the country; doggedly pushed for the republication of the Jane Roberts and Seth books (most of which were out of print when we formed SNI); published some of Jane's and Sue Watkins' books; started one of the first chat rooms; launched one of the first web mail lists. And we were able to do it all because of one significant reason: the enormous contribution of time and effort by so very many Seth and Jane Roberts readers – all our partners, without equivocation.

The Emerging Vision of a New Seth Network International

The goal for this emerging vision of a new Seth Network started forming in 2009 when I learned something interesting. For a website taken inactive in 1999 but still visible, we were drawing many thousands of hits a year. What to do with that potential exposure became the question. Discussions with Seth and Jane Roberts friends ensued, and it was finally decided to do what the Internet allows us to do best: become a portal to Seth activity internationally. That is, we want to help bring maximum exposure to all things Sethian: Seth workshops and conferences, the Seth books, Jane Roberts' books, Seth groups, online discussion groups and blogs, Sethian guest speakers, the Seth material in general, etc.

To clarify how Seth Network is now positioned, consider us a touchstone for what is or will be happening in the world around the Seth material. All Seth groups, speakers, articles, Seth workshops, businesses, the sellers of Seth books, etc., are invited to have links to their points of information or purchase here, and all we ask is that a reciprocal link be placed on any website whose information is on ours.

Into the Future with Seth.

So that is what the new SNI is all about – at least for the moment. We’ll see where we go over time, what new ideas will emerge for implementation. But meanwhile we’d really appreciate it if you’d let your Seth friends know of our existence and the email list we’re gathering in order to announce and promote various activities. And don’t forget to post your own information in your directory category of choice. All of this would certainly be deeply appreciated, not only by SNI but by the many Seth/Jane Roberts readers who have gathered, and will gather, here over time.

Sincere Best Regards, My Friends!


This new SNI site was happily launched on July 1, 2009.
Go Seth!

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